November 16, 2020

There is more. 

I want to encourage and remind you that because you’ve made it here, there is absolutely more for you to give and contribute. 

Everything you’ve gone through has culminated to this very moment, not just for you, but for the world you were designed to impact. I firmly believe that part of the reason we all exist is to give to someone else.

Think about how POWERFUL that is. 

Think about how POWERFUL you are. 

You can never fully measure the impact you have on the spaces you enter, so why not enter them fully? 

In the words of my mentor, Robbie Motter, “Show up.”

What if we came to every encounter fully engaged? What if we gave ourselves 100% to the people we made commitments to? What if we showed up?

You don’t have to change the entire globe, it’s enough to change your block, your meeting, your intimate encounters. 

If we all made the decision to show up today, imagine how much we would impact the future. 

The sooner you can remove fear and doubt, the sooner you can give to whoever and whatever you were assigned to contribute to and serve.

Congratulate yourself on how much, how far you’ve come, but don’t stop. 

There is more, much more.

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AnGèle Cade

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