September 7, 2021

How are we already in the second week of September?! Does anyone else feel like time is flying?

The end of September marks the end of Q3 which means we’re getting into the thick of my busiest work season. 

And even though there are long days and late nights, in the midst of the work, I realized how much I really do appreciate being able to participate in all of my clients’ businesses at a high level.

I get the opportunity to strategize with them while continuing to learn about their unique industries in real-time.

And as I prepare the planning meetings, retreats, and activities that the busy month of September brings, it also refocuses my attention to be intentional about our next steps.

We have to plan with intentionality, prepare, and declare that amazing things are coming and ours for the taking.

That’s what September symbolizes to me – opportunity rooted in strategic planning. 

What does September (and the end of Q3) symbolize to you? 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

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AnGèle Cade

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