About AnGèle Cade

AnGèle Cade is an accomplished speaker, strategist, author, and coach who has built a career encouraging and inspiring people from all walks of life to honor their purpose and passion, while increasing their profits and validity all through the power of bulletproof business strategy and structure. By delivering hundreds of presentations and keynotes, she uses empathy to in spire audiences to actualize their dreams.

Not only does she provide a renewed perspective on the intersection of purpose, passion, and experience, she also provides tangible tools and techniques to help you stop daydreaming and start living!


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She brings heart and enthusiasm to every event 

She pares down complex concepts, into digestible sentiments that every audience member can understand

She debunks and clarifies “the hard subjects”

She teaches real actionable items, not just fluff

She creates a captivating and unforgettable experience that you’ll never forget

About AnGèle’s Philosophy

Don’t Run from The Struggle 

Has it been a smooth road?

I don’t know any smooth roads, at least none that start off that way. We have had our bumps and bruises to say the very least. We were hit during the economic crisis of 2008, I had a turbulent pregnancy in 2010 and we lost our youngest son to an infection while he was in the NICU, in 2012 our building was sold and developers gave us months to relocate (which is never fun) and life goes on and on. Our struggles are indicators, evidence even lights for others to share in or even avoid so that they can have a smoother path.

Our struggles become our testament of how we endure and do business regardless of the economic or even political climate. We have survived serving various industries that saw their peak or have completely disappeared – we are still here to serve, educate, inspire and motivate them to their business success whatever that may be.

Most Popular Topics

Whatever You Do, It’s Your Business

Sometimes as entrepreneurs and business owners, it can be easy to look at our business through the narrow lens of paperwork and tasks to be completed, however a truly purposeful business is so much more!

All of your life experiences, passion, purpose culminate to add value to the fullness of your business and life.

“Your business” is the thing that lights you up. In this training we’ll uncover what it means to trust your intuition, expertise, and self so you can ask better questions and make even decisions that serve all the areas of your “business.”

Enough, Like Me

Have you ever had a question like this circle your mind? “Am I enough?”


Same here. You are not alone. As people, especially as consciously minded leaders, there’s a part of us all that's constantly questioning our worth and impact. We’re searching to be liked, searching the fill in the gaps, and fighting to prove to ourselves that we are enough.


In this training, you’ll discover how to pinpoint the negative self-talk, identify the unique value you bring to the table, and step out from behind the veil of self-doubt.

The Calling of a Cause

I believe as people there is a natural instinct inside of us that is wired for philanthropy, community, and service. 

Some people take it on as their life’s work, some integrate it into their for-profit work, but at the end of the day, I believe we are all called to be impact-driven people. 

In this training, you’ll discover how to give to look at your passion, identify where it manifests, and pinpoint where you can add value to your local community.

The Trek to Triumph

Your vision and our experiences are one of your most powerful tools. Ask yourself, "how much did the journey prepare me to make an impact?"

As visionaries, entrepreneurs, and leaders we have a responsibility to the people we serve and to ourselves to check in with our vision. 

We have a responsibility to know where we fall in the process of our vision’s growth and our Trek to Triumph.

There are 3 major phases of vision development - Vision Validation, Vision Casting, and Vision Actualization.

Past Audiences Include...


Networking Groups

Women’s organizations




Advocacy Groups

And more!


“AnGele is one of the most important voices of this generation. She uniquely interweaves business, life, and legacy in a way that feels seamless. Her speech was one of the best I've heard all year. She is a true master at not only captivating her audience but showing how limitless they too can live. Her expertise in business, life, and legacy is clear and I'd highly recommend her.”


“I have invited AnGele Cade to speak to women in my business networks on several occasions. Unsolicited feedback is always excellent, they want her back! Angele Cade keeps the audience engaged and sitting at the edge of their seats. Nobody gets bored, every one pays attention. AnGele is amazing! If you are already a business owner, or ready to start up I think you should listen to an expert to prevent possible mishaps. AnGele Cade is that Expert!”


AnGele is one of the great, motivating, and inspiring speakers I know. She shared her knowledge and educated us from her heart with passion. She commands our full attention from beginning to end. The inspiring examples she gave kept people engaged that cause each of us to refocus our priori ties, lives, and mindsets.

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