September 15, 2021

Pay attention to your engine light. 🚙🚨

When the days get long, the mornings feel extra early, and the late nights feel extremely late, remember to check in wtih your own engine light.

Ask yourself…

❓How does your body feel? Does it need nutrients? Does it need movement? Does it need rest?

❓How does your mind feel? Does it need more clarity? Does it need less distraction? Does it need a break? 

❓How does your heart feel? Is it open and honest? Is it too accessible? Is it looking for more?

The reality is, you are the only person who can truly know what’s happening underneath the hood, but you don’t have to wait until the car alert flashes on to make changes. 

You can check in with the engine light long BEFORE the problem arises. 

It’s all about prevention and problem-solving!

Are you with me? Drop a comment below and share what you noticed when you paid attention to your engine light! 🚙🚨👇🏾

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AnGèle Cade

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