August 8, 2020

My Journey to Entrepreneurship, Business Leadership, and an Impact-Driven Legacy… aka my journey to NOW.

While impact-driven business building can be the most rewarding, even liberating, accomplishment, it can also sometimes feel just the opposite. #whiplash

Are you guilty of this? Do you follow your business inspirations online and feel like they’re completely untouchable? 


Or maybe you’re like I was 2 decades ago - hungry to forge my own path, create my own impact, and influence my fellow biz owners to do the same. There was only one problem…I was completely unsure who to trust or where to begin. 

Well, if any of those emotions resonate with you, I want to assure you, you are SO not alone. 

Before we go any further, I want to take a moment to introduce myself. I’m AnGèle Cade,  today I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of Accelerated Business Launch and Executive on the Go, but believe me when I say, I can sympathize with exactly what you’re going through. 

I can still remember sitting at my mother-in-law’s kitchen table looking at the MOUNTAINS of paperwork in front of me and wondering, “Am I even cut out for this?! How the HECK am I going to get this done, let alone get my business off the ground?” 

I remember how it felt to be beyond overwhelmed, scared, and self-doubting and somehow still dig deep and keep going. 

It wasn’t until I found the right team who provided constructive, encouraging, and relevant feedback that I finally felt all the pieces start to click into place. Just like that, client referrals started flowing in, I was being requested for speaking engagements, and I finally had financial security, even freedom - all through the support that empowered ME to be my best. 

That’s why I created this private group for fellow entrepreneurs who have a vision for themselves, their business, and their lives but need a little support transforming that vision from an idea into a reality.

I light up seeing other business owners break barriers, level up, keep going, and go deeper. 

Now that you know a little more about me, I’d love to get to know you too! Drop a comment below and share a little of your journey to NOW. 👇

- AnGèle

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AnGèle Cade

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