December 3, 2021

AnGèle ____ Cade.

I was recently asked what my “middle name” is. Not my given legal name, but the name that best describes my character.


Which got me thinking about how important this middle name concept really is. It speaks to the way people identify themselves. 

Your name lets people know who you are.

There are SO many words I’d love to claim as my “middle name” 

I’d love ‘patience’ to be my middle name, but I’m working on it.

I’d love ‘punctual’ to be my middle name, but I’m still harnessing those skills. 

To embody the middle name you really want, you have to choose to live that name every day. Until one day, you get to the place where it isn’t a choice, it’s simply in the fabric of your identity.

Now it’s your turn. What’s your “middle name” now or the “middle name” you’re working toward?

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