Some people search their entire lives to find their purpose, others discover and rediscover their vision many times throughout the path of life. But no matter how many twists and turns life leads you down, I know that the fullness of life is found in the harmonious intersection of passion, experience, pain, growth, and fervor for more.


I was born on a tiny island in the Caribbean called St.Kitts., where I lived happily with my family until my elementary school years. In search of a better life my family moved to St. Laurent, Montreal and later, Los Angeles, CA. I watched my family work hard to create an opportunity and though I was inspired by their unrelenting work ethic, I felt like I was starving to forge my path.

My road was a bumpy one. As a hurt and rebellious teenager....

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I was searching for any way to feel the belonging and love I was so desperately searching for. For me, that search manifested when I joined a gang off of Figueroa and 83rd, during the height of the gang wars. As dangerous as that life was, it was worth the risk for the feeling of belonging it gave me. Until it wasn’t.

There my life took a dark turn – I was shot in the chest a week before my 14th birthday. The  story was familiar; I went to a party I wasn't supposed to be at; went home in a car I  wasn't supposed to be in, and became another anonymous victim of gang violence. It was the diving intervention and wake up call I needed.


As I recovered and made my way back to school,  statistically, I should not have graduated— I should have become “that” demographic—on a path to nowhere. To everyone looking in from the outside, my trajectory was already set by everyone that is, except me.

After such a life-altering near death experience, I knew something had to change. Something (intitution, blind faith, God) told me that I was intended for more. I willed myself to take another path. I changed high schools, found new friends, and found a new path that reinvented who I was to become, not what others wanted me to be. I went from all Fs and a D to all As and one B. I became the valedictorian of my high school, accepted to every college I applied to, and proudly went on to graduate from UCLA.


After graduating from UCLA, my go-getter spirit led me into one of my great passions - entrepreneurship. nearly 20 years in business, Executive On the Go has helped over 15,000 clients start successful businesses. Our firm helps educate people on the right structure for their company or organization, whether it’s a Corporation, LLC, Nonprofit, or DBA. By working directly with clients, and in coordination with their trusted advisors, we make sure our clients achieve compliance and remain there.

We typically consult with our clients yearly to ensure continued compliance and identify updates needed due to changes in officers, corporate structure, stock allocation, dissolution of their business, etc. We encourage a yearly checkup as a cost-effective investment clients can make to ensure they are mitigating risk...

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Executive On the Go began at the culmination of my front-row seat to a failed IPO. I had risen through the ranks of an accounting firm to eventually become the Controller. This is where I quickly began to understand the fundamentals of compliance paperwork, business licenses, permits, etc. This greatly added to my overall knowledge—including the proper structuring of the firm I was working for. Soon, the firm’s owner had raised $9 million for an IPO, but he was completely out of compliance. The firm ended up failing; firing the entire staff, including me. I was owed two paychecks and nearly lost everything as my family's only breadwinner. I was devastated. I went to the labor board and received two judgments, one of them; he paid because it was against him personally. The second one was against a structure that I had created and helped build for his company. Initially, my attorney was certain he’d get me what I was owed, but after reviewing the company’s structure, he said he couldn’t touch them—why? Because of the way I had structured the company! Due to my hard work, I had lost everything, including my family’s apartment and our second car. It had been months since I had worked, and I was desperate. Then, out of nowhere, a light bulb went off. I had all of this power in my knowledge of how to successfully establish and protect a company–ultimately leading to my own downfall, but there had to be an upside. The very next day a prior client found me and needed help. Then another client called, and another client, and before I knew it, Executive on the Go was born. The company now works with thousands of businesses nationwide. My journey with Executive on the Go, has been blessed but far from easy. I’ve gone through times of great economic stress, even declaring bankruptcy. But we fought, we righted the business, and now run our business debt-free.

That’s why I’m so passionate about people understanding that compliance is all about getting set up for success from the beginning and then ensuring that success throughout their entire business journey. We protect our clients, their passions, pursuits, and ideas.


Alongside my entrepreneurial passion, I always had a passion to have a family of my own. Little did I know that the journey to motherhood would be the most difficult of my entire life.

I’m head-over-heels in love with my son, Aundon. This little wonder is the result of my seventh pregnancy—the last in a long line of difficult losses. This journey started in High School, when at my mother’s insistence, my first pregnancy was terminated. She didn’t want me to “ruin” my future husband's life because he’d lose his college football scholarship. A few years later, after we married, I became pregnant again with a beautiful girl—but received a misdiagnosis....

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for which an amniocentesis was recommended. We didn't know it was optional and acquiesced. Within a week of the amnio, I went into preterm labor. At the hospital, I was told this was just normal pregnancy pains, and to go home. Just 30 minutes later, I gave birth on the floor of my mother's bathroom. By the time the ambulance arrived at the hospital, my baby had died. 

That experience led to three-years of arbitration with the hospital – that nearly took my life and every dime we had. Every attorney turned us down, saying our case wasn't “strong enough”, the “death wasn't severe enough”, or cited the hospital that said the pregnancy “wasn't viable”. But I would not stop until somebody would listen – and help. Finally, an attorney whose wife was pregnant with a girl agreed to take our case. For three years, he stuck by us, even paying specialists thousands of dollars to comb through our records. All to support what we knew in our hearts – it was not our fault. The fight continued and eventually settled for a reasonable offer. That offer couldn’t bring our baby back but was the catalyst that allowed us to start our business. 

Since that loss, every pregnancy would result in a miscarriage. Then, one day, my prayers were answered, twins! I was finally going to get the motherhood that I've dreamed of, the opportunity to be and do all the things that I wanted and didn't see in my own mother. 

At only 18 weeks, my euphoria quickly ended as I started to have preterm symptoms. The hospital wouldn't admit me, saying it was going to be another miscarriage. But I wouldn’t take no for an answer and found a doctor who would help by performing a procedure, but there was a risk of puncturing the sac. I agreed, but never actually intended on having that procedure; my real goal was just to get into the hospital where my babies would have a fighting chance. I did everything in my power to stay in that hospital until they transferred me to another hospital—where the doctors were more understanding. After a total of five weeks in two hospitals, I gave birth to two tiny boys—each barely over a pound. Sadly, my youngest son succumbed to an infection, leaving us with our son. My surviving son spent six months in the hospital, and endured nine procedures, but finally came home with us. We were told he needed one more procedure, but there was a six-month waiting list. By now you have to realize that waiting just isn’t my style and thought again if I could just get him into the hospital, maybe we could accelerate the timeline. I found a way, my son was admitted, and the six-month wait became three weeks. That procedure to save his life was wildly successful. We brought Aundon home in October 2010, and he has never been back in the hospital since. He is our miracle, he is amazing, and he gets better every day. Together we still face some speech and cognitive challenges, but they are ones we happily face together as a family.


Our fierce love for my son only made me want to find and step into the person the potential that I could really become. I became a radical student of emotional, spiritual, professional, and personal development. I invested in the masterminds, retreats, and coaching to help me eliminate the noise and get closer to the heart of who I am. As I practiced uncovering my voice, I learned how to use it.

I began to take on my coaching clients and students as I committed to never stop learning myself...

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I can still remember sitting at my mother-in-law’s kitchen table looking at the MOUNTAINS of paperwork in front of me and wondering, “Am I even cut out for this?! How the HECK am I going to get this done, let alone get my business off the ground?” 

I remember how it felt to be beyond overwhelmed, scared, and self-doubting and somehow still dig deep and keep going. 

It wasn’t until I found the right mentor who provided constructive, encouraging, and relevant feedback that I finally felt all the pieces start to click into place. Just like that, client referrals started flowing in, I was being requested for speaking engagements, and I finally had financial security, even freedom - all through the support that empowered ME to be my best. 

Whether you’re looking to establish your business structure, launch your business for the very first time, inspire your audiences with a compelling and strategic presentation, or simply looking for support from a mentor who has been in your shoes, I’m in your corner. 


Now, it’s become my sole mission to show you exactly how to blend your expertise, passion, and unique superpowers to actualize your vision and start living purposefully.

Over the last few decades, I’ve empowered entrepreneurs, just like you, with the tools they need to identify their purpose, clarify their visions, and create a roadmap to make their dreams REAL. After nearly 20 years of working with over 15,000 entrepreneurs in setting up their business infrastructure, protection, and legitimacy, I’ve time and time again found one undeniable truth: The journey ahead is always informed by the life we have lived. Our lived experience informs us, but it does not define who we are. While it’s true, we cannot change the past, we can change the lens through which it is viewed. We can choose what to do with our past and decide where it will help lead our future.

So, let the progress begin, don’t be daunted by the hard stuff, because no matter how hard it is, overcoming hardship is what makes life so much sweeter. This is your time. This is your journey. I’m here to help you let it begin.


Bo & Arrow Group and The H.E.R. Experience

Founder & CEO 

"She is purposeful and passionate. She is driven by her thoughts and makes her thoughts a reality. A phenomenal woman has imperfections She is phenomenal for what she does with her imperfections; she is phenomenal because she is true to herself...."


The Jonah Inheritance

Director & Co-Founder

"Everyone needs that one person in their life that won't let them settle for less. AnGele is that person. She is a master at her craft yet she is so willing and gracious to pass on her knowledge and experience. If you want to leave a legacy that matters and makes a tangible impact in the world today seek AnGele as a mentor. Your life will never be the same. I am forever grateful."


High Impact Coach

Motivational Speaker

"AnGèle is one of the great, motivating, and inspiring speakers I know. She shared her knowledge and educated us from her heart with passion. She commands our full attention from beginning to end. The inspiring examples she gave kept people engaged that cause each of us to refocus our priorities, lives, and mindsets."

Isn’t it time you honored your purpose and passion, while increasing your profits and validate your biz, all through the power of bulletproof business strategy and structure?